Wednesday, April 22, 2020

पहली कहानी

आज हार्दिक १० साल का हो गया है और इस साल उसने एक स्टोरी लिखी है, एक छोटा सा प्रयास है बच्चे का, अपना आशीर्वाद दीजिये

2043 Nov 21
One day a man was going in Goa. He was staying in river palace. His room number was 101. When he went into the room he saw that it was a beautiful room. Then after some time he go out of the palace and saw a beautiful girl. He went to the girl and asks her what your name is? The girl said,” My name is RIYA”. Then the boy replied and said that my name is Sam .time passes by and both of them became good friend. On Nov 25 Sam ask RIYA to come with him on the Goa beach. She accepted her request and went with him .at 1:50 they went on the Goa beach both of them were sitting on a rock near beach. Then a girl, TISHA came to Sam and asks Sam “can we be friends?” Sam then told her that we can’t be friends. Next day she went on the river palace in Sam’s room with a marriage proposal for him. Sam slept on her face and asks him “are you stupid?” He then said “i have already told you that we can’t be friends then why have you come here with a marriage proposal?”  At night 12:00 midnight Ram saw a ghost. Next day, Sam went to meet RIYA with a marriage proposal. 
1 month later………….
Sam and RIYA are now husband and wife. At night they both have same dream. In their dream there came a ghost who told them to take divorce. Next day they told each other about their dream. They both became afraid of the ghost.
After one week……..
One week passes by and daily they have the same dream of the they went to a tantric for a solution. The tantric do a puja and they came to know that the ghost was TISHA. And they also came to know that TISHA had committed suicide because Sam refuges her marriage proposal.  The tantric told them to come tomorrow again for a second puja. The tantric believe that after the second puja they will catch the ghost, TISHA.
Next day………….
Sam and RIYA went to the tantric for the puja but unfortunately they failed to tame her. The tantric told them that when the ghost comes in their dream they have to request her to meet the night Tisha came in Riya’s  dream. In her dream she saw that she was cooking in the kitchen and someone triangle her, when she look back she find that it was Tisha who triangle her. Next day, Sam went to his office and Riya was working on her laptop. Suddenly she saw Tisha on her laptop screen. In the evening when riya was working in the kitchen she felt that someone was standing behind her. At night, Riya told what happened to her. Sam was shocked to hear her words. At night, Riya had a dream in her dream she saw that Sam was killed by Tisha
1 month latter……..
Riya told Tisha, if you are brave then come to Sam’s dream. Next day Riya told his dream and tell 2 more thing. She told him that if TISHA came in his dream then he has to tell her that we (Sam and RIYA) are taking divorce after 5 days.
At the 5th day its RIYA’S birthday and she celebrated her birthday in hotel also went on hotel Taj. They played a song and dance on it. After the party is over Sam and RIYA went on the court and had taken divorce. At night 12:00 midnight, TISHA came in Sam’s house. TISHA is talking with Sam and suddenly RIYA came with the tantric.the tantric got her under his control. He then asked him “why was she bothering them? Then she said that RIYA is the wife of Sam, so if anything happens to RIYA, Sam will bother automatically.
The tantric chants his mantra and put TISHA ghost in a bottle. The tantric tied a sacred thread on the hands of both of them and ordered him not to untie it for the next three days. The tantric then dig the bottle in the river’s bank. Then all will sort out and Sam and RIYA began to live happy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

शगुन श्री कृष्ण के रोल में

ये  शगुन  का पहला प्रोग्राम है जिसमे उसने परफार्म किया है   इस डांस के लिए काफी मेहनत करनी पड़ी उसको
आशा है आपको पसंद आएगा

Sunday, June 26, 2011


मैंने खड़ा होना सीख लिया है

मैं पार्क में भी जाता हूँ

घास अच्छी है ना

मेरे संग हंस लो

मैं बहुत खुश हूँ